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Cultivating Well-Being Through Therapeutic Horticulture is an LLC Partnership formed by two registered horticultural therapists living and working in southern Maine. We facilitate programs and sessions to meet wellness goals and objectives of a variety of populations, using plant material, gardening, and horticultural techniques as a therapeutic tool.

Our mission is to utilize the healing power of plants with individuals of all ages, ancestry and abilities in an effort to improve mental health, physical wellbeing, and sense of community.

Plants and gardens have been sources of inspiration, reflection and spiritual renewal throughout civilization. This innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, or biophilia, supports the idea that humans are healthier when they're connected to plants and nature, and has become especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plants are a non-judgmental medium that, as a metaphor, remind us of the presence of hope, the inevitable cycle of life, and our interdependence; our connection to nature.

Logo design by Yuliia Asanov

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